The New Urban Paradigm: AOIC’s Vision for Holistic Development in KSA

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2024 / Meshaal Bin Omairh, the Group CEO of Al Othaim Investment Co. (AOIC), has revolutionized Saudi Arabia’s real estate development sector. AOIC, under his leadership, operates shopping malls, entertainment venues, food and beverage outlets, and cinemas. His visionary approach aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, driving significant growth and innovation. AOIC has 12 malls, 22 projects underway, and 14 hotels in development, covering 176,000 square meters with 2000 rooms and suites.

Innovative Strategies in the Real Estate Development Sector

Advancing Business Models and Maximizing Assets

In the competitive real estate devlopment sector, AOIC modernizes business models by leveraging advanced technology and data analytics. This enhances customer experiences and streamlines operations. By integrating analytics, AOIC gains insights into consumer behavior, enabling personalized marketing and better inventory management, thereby boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

AOIC also transforms underutilized mall spaces into high-performing retail environments, increasing foot traffic and revenues. This innovative approach converts vacant areas into vibrant zones with entertainment and dining options, driving higher customer engagement and optimizing space utilization.

Economic Growth and Vision 2030 Alignment

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 aims to diversify the economy beyond oil, promoting sectors like real estate devlopment, retail, tourism, and entertainment. AOIC’s initiatives align with these goals, contributing to economic diversification and growth. Abdullah Alothaim, Chairman of AOIC, emphasized the importance of government support; stating, “Our strategic expansion reinforces our role in the country’s economic growth and diversification in the real estate devlopment sector.”

Urbanism and Enhancing the Quality of Life

Al Othaim Investment Co. plays a pivotal role in city building and enhancing the quality of life across Saudi Arabia. By developing mixed-use projects that integrate retail, entertainment, hospitality, and residential spaces, AOIC creates vibrant urban hubs that foster community engagement and economic activity. These developments not only provide essential services and amenities but also enhance the aesthetic and cultural appeal of urban areas. AOIC’s commitment to sustainability and innovation ensures that these projects are designed with environmental considerations in mind, promoting green building practices and energy efficiency. Through these efforts, AOIC significantly contributes to improving the living standards of Saudi citizens, aligning with the broader objectives of Vision 2030 to create a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable urban environment.

Expanding Horizons

AOIC aims to evolve into a holistic 360-degree entity. This diversification creates integrated lifestyle destinations catering to diverse consumer needs, enhancing market position and driving sustainable growth. The expansion includes 14 hotels under development, offering 2000 rooms and suites across 176,000 square meters.

AOIC plans to unveil new destinations featuring branded residences and unique luxury experiences, including the world’s largest fashion museum in Riyadh. These initiatives elevate AOIC’s brand, attract international visitors, and boost tourism, contributing to Saudi Arabia’s cultural enrichment.

Introducing New Brands and Enhancing Local Adaptation

AOIC introduces new fashion brands and casual F&B concepts to the Saudi market, responding to the growing demand for diverse retail offerings. With 50 million visitors annually, AOIC’s malls are prime destinations for new brands seeking to tap into the lucrative Saudi market. To attract international brands, AOIC ensures these brands resonate with local tastes by adapting global concepts to fit Saudi cultural contexts, offering consumers a blend of global and local experiences.

Portfolio Expansion and IPO Readiness

AOIC’s mall portfolio reflects its strategic growth, with 12 malls and 17 facilities in development. The company plans to expand with innovative retail spaces, investing 15 billion SAR in new projects. Preparing for a potential IPO, AOIC is enhancing financial transparency and governance, aiming to secure fresh capital for further expansion.

Empowering Women

AOIC champions gender diversity and empowerment, with 52% of retail employees being Saudi women. Notable female leaders include CEO of AlOthaim R&D & AI. This focus aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals and significantly contributes to AOIC’s success.

Future Outlook

Meshaal Bin Omairh envisions AOIC continuing to drive innovation and growth in the retail sector, contributing to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. “The emphasis on economic diversification opens doors for investment in sectors like tourism and technology,” he says. AOIC’s commitment to excellence ensures it remains at the forefront of retail industry evolution.

Through its strategic pillars of innovation, sustainability, and quality of life, AOIC aims to create over 50,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2030, reinforcing its commitment to Saudi Arabia’s socio-economic development and Vision 2030 goals.

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